A New Opportunity to Serve, to Make a Difference:

A Peaceful Habitation (APH, Inc., Your Reentry Connection)

APH, Inc, Your Reentry Connection exists to equip women to successfully transition into their community after incarceration. This organization's mission, "... is to provide the essential resources and training to make a successful transition attainable for any individual ready to end the cycle of recidivism.” From their website, are the words, “WE EQUIP, EMPOWER AND ENCOURAGE, BUT WE DON'T ENABLE."

Do you want to learn more or help this organization?

Look for our "Date at the Gate" closet that that is set-up in the Children's Worship Center area to collect items for an outreach program of APH, Inc., that provides "...each woman requesting these services with clothing, shoes, under garments, and a bag for their release. Each woman can request up to two outfits, one casual and one professional." And, the following quote is from a flyer from this organization that states"Many women released from an incarcerating facility are given the same t-shirt and sweats. Unfortunately this screams, I just got out and I feel shame and marginalized. It is so degrading."

Current items needed for Date at the Gate, APH, Inc.:

  • Clothing
  • Hygiene items, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste
  • Make-up
  • Socks and Gloves
  • Gift Cards in the amount of $10 or $15

For more information on how you can help support this new ministry, please send us an email to info@ststephensabq.org or contact the church office at (505) 293-9673.