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circlerightarrowWhat is Messy Church? 

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The tag line for the global Messy Church movement is “Church, but not as you know it." If you’re a longtime church attendee, Messy Church might not look like “church” to you. At Messy Church, all ages meet together to learn about Christ through games, crafts and activities, music, and storytelling from the Bible. A foundational ingredient of Messy Church is to gather around a table for a snack or meal in pursuit of building relationships with each other, God, and the world.

Our next Messy Church is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2023, from 4:00-6:00 PM! 

Think of a building. Messy Church is built upon five foundational values:

• Christ-centered

• All ages together

• Creative

• Hospitable

• Celebratory

And then Messy Church’s “building” is painted with these vibrant colors

• Engaging

• Interactive

• Relevant

• FUN!

We welcome everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

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Contact Jo Lynne Anderson here or call the church office at 505-293-9673, ext. 125.

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