kairos prison ministry

You have likely heard Pastor John talk about the Kairos Prison Ministry in sermons. Here are some ways to help:


We will be having our Kairos Cookie Bake on Saturday morning, May 12 from 8 am-12 noon. We need to cook and package over 1,200 cookies for the Kairos weekend (this is the amount needed in proportion to the number of team members serving from our church). If you are interested in participating, please contact Sid Little (296-3202). 


Please sign up to pray during the 72 hour Kairos Weekend Event. We want to sign up people to cover this entire event with prayer. There will be 30 minute portions available throughout the weekend. Sign up opportunities will be available on Sunday morning either in late April or early May. You can also contact Toni Olson



This is the more difficult opportunity. Each team member has to write a letter to each participant in the weekend event. However, anyone can write a letter to a participant and the only catch is you have to write 24 letters. Each participant must receive the same number of letters.

Here is what writing a letter involves. I usually buy a bunch of small blank cards of which you can usually get in bulk quantities at any store that carries stationary. You would address it as…”Dear Brother in Christ” and then begin writing. I usually mention something about hoping God will bless them and that we are praying for them. I often then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to put in my heart something to say. I usually include a verse of Scripture. It doesn't have to be long but it provides an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak through you to encourage someone else in a very spiritually dark and difficult environment. We are always amazed at how the Spirit delivers the right card to the right person with the right words. -- Pastor John

If you would like to participate, please have all the letters brought to the church office by May 15.

Spring cleaning event

The Trustees Committee will sponsor a Spring Clean-Up on Saturday, May 5. It will start at 8:00 am and end at noon. We will concentrate on sprucing-up the exterior facilities. Everyone is welcome to participate. Please bring your small lawn tools. If you have questions contact the church office.


The Boy Scout troop sponsored by St. Stephens will be selling their delicious breakfast burritos between services on Sunday, May 20. If you enjoy breakfast burritos, please buy one and support this great troop! 

VBS: SHipwrecked! RESCUED by jesus!

Mark your calendars for Vacation Bible School 2018 - Shipwrecked! Rescued by Jesus. VBS this year will be held from July 9-13 from 9:00 am to 12 noon (yes, we are now holding daytime VBS!). 

Visit vbspro.events/p/st-stephens to register!

Interested in volunteering? There is a place for you! Please contact Jo Lynne Anderson. 

bible land exploration tour


Join Pastor John and Pastor Todd on an unforgettable Bible Land Exploration Tour!

October 15-24, 2018

Price starts at $4,096.

Contact Grant Claycomb for information.

Updated brochures with new information are now available at the Welcome Center. Click here for more information.