Front-Line Letters is a letter-writing effort to provide some much-needed encouragement to the police officers in our local area during this season when law enforcement is facing particularly difficult times. Pastor John Rech is in communication with the Albuquerque Police Department Volunteer Chaplaincy Unit and leading an effort to have members of the St. Stephen’s UMC family write letters of encouragement to the approximately 200 officers who serve our local area through the Northeast Area Command and Four Hills Area Command.


We are recommending those who want to participate to use a blank or “Thank You” stationary to write these letters of appreciation and encouragement.  This letter can simply express appreciation for their faithfulness to serve in this vital area of responsibility in our government as they maintain peace, safety and order in our community.  We encourage you to let them know that they are in our prayers and that if you feel led, you may include an inspirational scripture as well.


You can address the letter as “Dear Officer,” and then write appropriate affirming words and then you can conclude by either signing your name or as a member of St. Stephen’s UMC. A label will be placed on the letter indicating this came from the St. Stephen’s UMC family.  Thank you for your help with this effort as we seek to get at least 20 people to write 10 letters. Please bring them either to church on Sunday (any staff member will receive them) or drop them in the office during the week. When we collect all the letters, they will be delivered and distributed to the Northeast Area Command and the Four Hills Area Command.