project share

Project Share is an organization serving Albuquerque's homeless and low-income population with a hot meal most nights of the week. They also provide (and always need) these travel-size items: toothbrushes, hygiene products, and shampoo.Please drop off all donations to the church kitchen and label them "Project Share."

In addition, many of the homeless and low-income people Project Share serve also have a rescued dog as a cherished companion, and Project Share collects donations of dry dog food for these pets as well.

St. Stephen's prepares the meal every 5th Friday at the Project Share location. Volunteers are needed to help serve the meal, as well as provide food donations (please see the display in the Fellowship Hall whenever it is St. Stephen's time to serve).

If you have questions or would like to serve at this soup kitchen the next time St. Stephen's is scheduled, please contact Al Korber.